Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mental Health Social Media Chat No.2

We held our second Twitter chat Tuesday night at 9pm CST. With plenty of technical difficulties on my part, I will still call it another success!

Using Twitter Search has been almost useless for me as of yet (I get an error message that states that I am being rate limited!?!). has been too slow and Seesmic does not seem able to follow the chat in its entirety in a timely fashion, the coverage is spotty. Needless to say, I need some technical help in this department. If you can offer some, feel free!

For our debut chat on February 9th the very kind @petequily archived the entire chat. You can find our chat from this week archived in the same spot, It states there that the limit is 500 tweets, so I need to inquire and see what we can do about that!

There is definitely not a lack of intelligent and purposeful communication on this subject matter. I believe it is just a matter of time before more are made aware of the chat and are able to participate! The more participation we have the better the opportunity for growing, inspiring, and bringing the mental health community together.

Some highlights for me personally from our second #mhsm chat:

@MHSMchat Clapping! RT @AFTAorg @MHSMchat T1: activism is a form of cure #mhsm
-This statement just makes me smile. It is truth, too. Activism cures.

@mentalhealthpro Social media facilitates the sense of belonging for many. In that way, social media can be seen as facilitating mental health. #mhsm

@NAMIMass If social media is a tool. How can it b used to increase fed/state funding for mental health/housing etc?#mhsm

@NAMIMass T2: has anyone tweeted about pending cuts or bills & asked people to take action, give testimony, make calls to legislators? #mhsm
-A call to action! We can all use social media to take more action in additon to our awareness efforts.

@NAMIMass MHSMchat @mentalhealthpro, petitions r good 2 but personal testimony on how a bill or cut will effect the voter has bigger impact #mhsm
-giving us insight on better ways to achieve our goals

@kgilnack Using official/campaign Facebook pages to share stories abt impact of cuts, programs, etc. also effective #mhsm
-link to article about using facebook for advocacy

This is just a snippet of the chat, but you can see that there is plenty of valuable content. Check out the entire archived chat or please join us for our next #mhsm chat, Tuesday February 23, 2010 at 9pm CST.

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